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Wedge sneakers trend

I had a big dilemma this week. I’ve discovered the wedge sneakers trend. Right, you can laugh out loud because it’s really funny! I never imagined myself wearing shoes like these but yet I always manage to surprise everyone including me. So I asked myself what’s with this wedge sneakers trend, anyway? I found out that celebrities love them and I looked over internet for outfits that included a pair of wedge sneakers. I must say, I am really surprised of how versatile they are. They are really cute, easy to wear even a must if you don’t mind me saying that. Here are just some of my favourite models found over the internet. Let me know what you think about them.
Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Sneakers
Chloe Suede High-Top Wedge
Topshop Athlet Wedges
Upere Wedge Sneakers
L.A.M.B Freeda Wedge Sneakers

I could totally see myself wearing one of these.

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