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Tresemme Hair Treatment Review

You already know how much I love taking care of my hair, although my beloved has suffered more than words can say. Ever since I tried Tresemme’s heat protectant spray, I wanted to try more of their products. I still do and this is just the beginning, because I have my eyes on a shampoo and a conditioner that I think I’ll get soon. I began using this hair treatment a few weeks ago, waiting to see if it can beat my beloved Dove Nourishing Oil Care conditioner. Well at first I didn’t like this product because it seemed that couldn’t provide enough moisture and I also had the impression that it didn’t perform that well at detangling my hair. But I kept using it and I like it! Yes, I do, although I still think that the formula could have been more moisturising. Or maybe it’s just the winter that makes my hair drier these days, I don’t know but I’ll keep using it and come back with a final thought when I finish it. I think that this would be even more effective used altogether with their shampoo and conditioner from the same range and most importantly, on a hair that is not as damaged as mine. I like the packaging, the creamy formula, the fact that it makes my hair more shiny and detangled and also the incredible smell. I don’t regret trying this and I look forward to trying it when I’ll get rid of my damaged hair.

Have you tried this?

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