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My first Iherb order

Hello there!

So a few weeks ago I placed my first Iherb order. It literally took me about 2 weeks to decide which products to get because I wanted so many! As you know, Iherb can become quite an addiction for some of us and I’m really concerned that I may get that feeling too, haha. I received my order in 9 working days and I’ve had no problems with any of the products (missing products, etc).
First of all, I ordered the Heritage Products Rosewater Mist, which was $6.97. The bottle has 240 ml and I use it for my face and my neck area. What I can say after using it a few days is that I love it! I’ve used rosewater for my skincare routine before, but this is even better for my sensitive and dry skin. It also has anti ageing properties and hydrates the skin. You can find it here.
Because I love glycolic acid for my face, I thought that buying the Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Toner wouldn’t harm! Man, I was so right! Lately my face started breaking out due to using a face cream that now is in the trash. What I did was apply the glycolic acid toner on my face, let it sink in and then come up with my Glyco-A. My face looked amazing the next morning! Although it says that this product is for mature or sun-damaged skin, I think that the ingredients are perfect for a skin like mine. It was $8.40 and can be found here.
And of course I had to order the sunscreen everyone is raving about, Face Factor Kiss My Face SPF 30. I like it so far, although I’ve only used it a couple of days. The ingredient list is also really nice, it keeps my face matte yet still hydrated. I will probably come back with a review soon! It was $9.95 and can be found here.
Also, I mentioned a few times how much I like the e.l.f Mineral Booster in Shimmer. I love it and I use it everyday. This keeps my face matte, whithout drying it out and gives a nice, flawless glow to my face. What can I say more, it’s cheap and does it’s job! It was $3.50 and can be found here.
Have you used any of the products above?

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