So….a few words about me.

My name is Carmen and I’m the person behind this blog. I was born in Romania, where I currently live. I started writing on January 10th of 2011, due to some fellow bloggers who introduced me to this beautiful world, but I started experiencing with makeup a few months before creating this blog, as a passion.

Currently, I’m obsessed with skincare and I cannot stop doing that. I’m on the hunt for the perfect anti-age eye cream, serum etc. You get it. I love mixing potions and layering skincare products. Right now, I’m a strong believer of the fact that skin comes first, then make-up.
This blog is about the love for beauty, either we’re talking about makeup or life in general. I love what my passion has become since I joined the beauty blogosphere and I like to think that beauty can be found everywhere, starting from the inside out. I’m more of a person who just loves makeup&everything else beauty related too much.